DaSouth.com & Jam the Hype Partner with Musiqplay.com for DJ & Radio Servicing

Musiqplay | boostDFM

One of the biggest and broadest media platforms for the Christian urban market is making a move by joining forces with Musiqplay.com to help push DJs and artists to the servicing platform for receiving and uploading singles, respectively, using the same site that services Reach Records, Save the City artists Chris Cobbins & Je’kob, and many others to the radio market.

Now DJ’s can be serviced by the same company that services over 200 radio & media outlets all over the world, including large Billboard reporting stations, online stations, and media outlets. Some are focused only on hip-hop, while others have specialty programming during the week or integrate the music into their regular music rotation. Stations that use the Musiqplay.com service include Air 1, NGEN Radio in Houston, Hot 95.9 in Orlando, and Jam The Hype. 

Artists can also take part, registering to upload their music for a nominal fee and have it available to outlets that have shown interest in playing Christian urban/hip-hop/rap music on their outlet. Many music outlets are hit up with singles all the time, and in many cases, they are not quality material. Music outlets feel more comfortable using music-servicing sites because if you are paying to service radio, than you are more likely to care about getting quality music to radio. Musiqplay.com was formed to provide artists and record labels a cost-effective opportunity to get their music to radio outlets. The founders of Musiqplay.com wanted to give the Christian music industry a product that was more flexible than other music-servicing sites by making it way base and mobile ready.

Musiqplay.com is owned by Shamrock Media Group in Franklin, TN, Digital Frontiers Media in Lakewood Ranch, FL, and Laney INC. in Sarasota, FL. Musiqplay.com is a collaboration of ideas from record labels and radio to create a superior experience for all. If you are an artist, DJ, or make music decisions at radio, go to www.musiqplay.com and sign up!